A community and platform for artists and makers

Our Philosophy

Komo is inspired by the Japanese word Komorebi 木漏れ日, which means light filtering through leaves when sun hits the trees — a word with no English equivalent that evokes a simultaneous illumination and grounding. Komo at its core represents a natural philosophy of being, in which new ideas and perspectives are constantly illuminated through art and design, with strong roots in the art community and market.

Our History + Vision

Komo began in 2018 as an art advisory specializing in collection management, curatorial projects, and artist commissions. Built from 25+ years of cultivating relationships with artists, collectors, galleries, and institutions around the world, it bloomed into something more expansive five years later.

Community and Culture

Komo Collective emerged from a desire to support artists + makers and to tell the story behind their work. Driven further by a collective shift away from throwaway consumerism culture, Komo's focus is on unique pieces made from materials that will last a lifetime. The stories of the artists, makers and designers are key. Join us as we learn about them and build a connection with their work.

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Curatorial Projects

We work with artists, galleries, and non-profits to curate compelling exhibitions with the goal of increasing access and visibility to great art.

Artist Commissions

We believe deeply in collaboration between artist and collector and know the power of site-specific work. If you have a space in mind or artist you would like to collaborate with, please reach out.

Design + Interiors

Art and design are deeply connected. Our approach involves an integration of architecture, environment, light and space. We have seen time and time again that considering art and design together has the potential to bring someone's unique personality, vision and values to life.

Shipping + Storage Logistics

We manage end-to-end transport, including price negotiation and custom installation for painting, sculpture, and design.



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