Francesca Wade

New York, NY

Francesca Wade


Francesca Wade was born in Tunbridge Wells, UK in 1984 and grew up in England, Scotland, Norway and Egypt. She studied fashion design at Central Saint Martins and graphic design at Brighton Art School. After graduating, Francesca won an art residency at FABRICA in Italy where she spent the first few years of her career. As a young entrepreneur, she moved from Italy to Brazil where she spent six years focused on creating, planning and investing in art, design and communication. Companies Francesca co-founded include Mesa innovation and educational workshops based on learning through doing, and MECA a boutique global music platform. After moving to New York City eight years ago, Francesca continued her design career before discovering painting, to which she now dedicates her time and energies.

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David Whyte, Tarsila do Amaral, Harold and Maude, Gurdjieff, Pina Bauch, Laurie Anderson, Sakamoto, Georgia o Keefe, Philip Glass, Pink Floyd, Castenada, Tracy Emin, Alice in Wonderland, Musica Brasileira, Piet Oudolf

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Art Fairs:

Swing Left (NADA), 2022

Arte Rio Art Fair, 2022

SP Arte, 2023

“My paintings are similar to a dance with no intended direction or expectation of visual representation. They are breath, they are movement, they are about being. They are about getting out of your body and into your soul. For me, a release of ego, of judgment and a full acceptance of the marks that I make. Perfection is held by Mother Nature and no one else. My paintings do not seek to provide an example of a perfect technique but embrace the imperfections of the movement of life. Energy regulates how we perceive reality and it is this energy that I seek to visualize and ultimately show that everything around us is connected, that each one of us has everything we need inside us.”

Studio Beats

"I'm really taken in with movement. When I'm dancing, one step leads to another, each contact with the floor awakens my presence and I find myself truly enjoying each moment. It's a release of energies, a renewal, a sense that I am in my body that is meaningful to me. I feel immense joy moving my body and listening to music – something I do regularly in my studio before and during painting."