Discover the why behind the art

Discover the why behind the art

Discover the why behind the art

The stories of the

artists + makers

are key

  1. A Love for Materials
    We see a collective desire and movement away from consumerism culture toward investment in pieces that are made with care from beautiful materials that will last a lifetime.

  2. Connection Beyond Art
    Our goal is to support emerging to mid-career artists & makers – through a platform that serves as a community and a marketplace for curated collections of their work.

  3. Appreciation for Process
    The Komo team carefully considers new pieces beginning first with the work itself, then by building a relationship with the artist & maker–considering their materials and process–to understand the driving motivation and why behind the work.

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New Work from Miguel Osuna

Miguel Osuna is a master of material and process, his paintings built up layer by layer until he deems the surface perfect. It’s a labor of love, a long, savored process, with the final act happening swiftly.