Caroline Jones

Painter & Sculptor
Topanga, CA

picture of artist Caroline Jones


Briton Caroline PM Jones is an artist and sculptor, based in Topanga, California. In her latest project “Formations”, the artist journeyed into the Mojave Desert to interact with the monolithic, ancient and immovable and spent countless hours and days with her subjects there: “Like the Formations themselves, I exposed myself to the wind, the heat, and the sounds of the desert. What stays with me is the novelty of these miraculous forms and how they have come together.” Although permanent and primeval, the artist conveys a dynamism and living quality in her work.

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Elizabeth Frink - sculptor

Barbara Hepworth- sculptor

Henry Moore - sculptor

Georgia O'keefe - was one of the first painting exhibitions I went to, and her palette shows up in my work in the American landscape. Love love love her work

Irving Penn, Photographer - the first photographic exhibition I went to and was moved by

James Turrell - for his sense of light in contemporary form - as my token to living artists!!!

Nature is my biggest form of inspiration.

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Caroline’s paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs are in numerous collections in Hong Kong, America, Britain, China, India, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Gibraltar, South Africa, France and Bermuda.

“The way I’ve composed the pieces relates to the spatial conditioning of the groupings. Like a family grown together, or breaking apart, they stand or lie in various stages of light — unified, cracked, broken, yet still proud and strong. The paintings capture the raw limitations and simplicity of line caused by the natural editing process of time and light. The studio canvasses reflect the intimate experience of that time in a picture-perfect moment with a certain tonal hue.”

Studio Beats

"I love music that takes you on a journey and allows you to create your own narrative - it helps with the motion of painting for me."