Morgan Young

Topanga, CA

Morgan Young


Morgan Young (b. 1995) is a Long Island native now based in Topanga, California. Young has a Bachelors of Art from the University of Delaware and spent the first years of her career owning and operating a sustainable fashion label. Her practice involves creating wall reliefs from sewn and pleated canvas. She began pushing the boundaries of canvas into a realm that expresses the form of a triple axel with the poetry and repetition of a vintage Singer sewing machine. Deep pleats, patterned seams, and the vortex of visceral movement have become her focal points, each work requiring a grueling physicality, the end result a serene and languid, almost nimbus iridescence flowing from the ripples of a once raw and rough fabric. Her latest collection Pleats, Please, Please is an homage to Japanese fashion designer, Issey Miyake.

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Anything with texture, conversations that fill you up, figure skating, sand at low tide, plants.

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Block Party, Art Room Gallery, Los Angeles, CA- Group show 2024 

Strokes, Artemis, Topanga, CA- Group Show 2024

Pace Library, New York, New York 2022, Collaboration with artist Penny Slinger  

50/50, Blum and Poe, Los Angeles, CA 2021, Collaboration with artist Penny Slinger

“My work transforms discarded textiles into wall reliefs through a repetitive process of fabric manipulation. These raw materials find new life as tactile works, and in the final step, are crafted from an intuitive rigor and rhythm that reflects a fresh start, a new chapter.“

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