What to Consider When Adding to Your Art Collection

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What to Consider When Adding to Your Art Collection

If you're early in your collecting journey or generally looking to add a new work, we recommend considering the below:

1. Light + Space: How does light that flows through the space hit the room where you’re considering placing the work? How does it connect with other objects and forms and artwork already in that space? We recommend mapping out a specific space on the wall prior to purchasing the work and visualizing it there.

2. Artist: Is the work by an artist you want to support? Whether you know them personally or it's an artist you’ve just discovered, supporting an artist’s career can be one of the most rewarding and impactful aspects of collecting art.

3. Investment potential: Sometimes there is the potential to see the work as an asset beyond one of aesthetic value and it’s great if you’re up to speed on market trends and can understand growth potential for works you might add to your collection.

4. Aesthetics + Medium: How do textures, materials, and colors around the work interact with the work?

If you’re short on time or unsure how to navigate any of the above, working with a great art advisor can be game changing. Art advisors see sometimes hundreds of works a week and can quickly identity a range of work based on your motivations, requirements and budget. They can also help you make a more informed purchase and often have direct relationships with artists, galleries, and other collectors.  Some even offer the benefit of a discount through the network they’ve built over time and can offer price advantages relative to buying on your own.

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