Grand Opening Grand Closing - Three L.A. Gallery Shows Not to Miss This Weekend

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Grand Opening Grand Closing - Three L.A. Gallery Shows Not to Miss This Weekend

#1: Alex Da Corte ‘THE DÆMON’ at Matthew Marks

Alex Da Corte ‘THE DÆMON’ at Matthew Marks (1062 North Orange Grove) closes this Saturday November 4th. The artist’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles in seven years and we would like to tell him to not take so long to create the next one, please. Here at the West Hollywood location of Matthew Marks Gallery, off Santa Monica Blvd., visitors are met by a receptionist who invites you into the space with two options: to take your shoes off or put on some booties. We highly recommend going with socks and no shoes as it’s a better feeling and experience. The entire gallery is slightly raised with a low profile floor and blanketed with crisp white carpet. A low ramp leads you up to what feels like the Jetson’s den. It’s a sophisticated mix of mid-century modern with a futuristic vibe. The bright, saturated colors of furnishings and fixtures catch your eye and satisfy the senses. The sculptures are all situated cozily in a welcoming sunken living room, we repeat sunken living room! Get in to see this show before it closes this Saturday.

#2: Eva Juszkiewicz ‘In a Shady Valley, Near a Running Water’ at Gagosian Gallery

Eva Juszkiewicz ‘In a Shady Valley, Near a Running Water’ at Gagosian Gallery (456 North Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles), opens November 3 through December 22. This will be the Polish painter’s first solo exhibition in California. Gagosian’s timing is right on cue again as around the corner on Rodeo Dr., Louis Vuitton just launched the collaboration handbag with the artist depicting one of her paintings. 
All of that scene-y, trendiness aside, the artist’s skillful re-creations of classical 18th / 19th century paintings of women are fantastic and have been since we first saw them five or so years ago. The artist studies these classical paintings intensely, not only to capture and recreate the poses of women of the era, but to redesign her own style. Headdresses made of folded fabric, fruit and flowers in particular are to transform the subject women into a surreal contemporary style that points out how preposterous the portraiture of the era truly was. 

#3: Pensées at Sarah Brook Gallery 

Pensées, a multisensorial exhibition between painter Colleen Herman, whose work we love, and composer Megan Perry Fisher, opening at Sarah Brook Gallery (5229 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027) on Friday, November 3, the same day of the official album launch of Megan’s record. Penseés is a 12 song record written and composed by Megan Fisher who collaborated with Colleen Herman to create a companion painting for each instrumental composition on the record. Fisher spent time recording songs in Berlin, Paris, Los Angeles, and Hudson, New York and Herman absorbed them over many months, going back and forth together, the paintings eventually emerged - and they are here in L.A. for us to see!  This, by the way, is how art should be seen!  Some of the most transformative, transcendent experiences we have ever had are when painting and music come together like this and we cannot wait to experience Colleen’s work in conjunction with this orchestral performance. 
Pensée I, 2022 by Colleen Herman
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